"each material has its characteristic specifics which we must understand if we use it." (...) "we must remember that everything depends on how we use the material not on the material itself". (...) (ludwig mies van der rohe)

the maintenance and repair of your favorite  mikli and starck frames we handle as carefully as refraction and fitment of new eyeglasses to the individiual needs and the facial anatomy of its wearer. 


and if you are still in possession of an age-old mikli which is still your favourite but no longer available we will rebuilt it for you if possible. 

just simply ask!

however, it may also happen that we force you to go for a new pair of glasses if necesseray according to our expert opinion – not only as opticians but also as style consultants. 

in doing so we are sometimes harsh but always to our customers good.


our small but  high-tech mechanical work shop is opened for customers who might be interested to learn more about the assembly of their ‘deesighted’ pair of glasses.


as specialists in custom –made lenses and especially custom-made progressive lenses, we are able to calculate nearly 1:1 margin and mid-thickness measurements for each pair of lenses and display it on a screen.

of course we purchase our lenses from manufacturers which we consider to be the best.